Presentations at the 3rd Hands on Science Conference in Braga, Portugal


A Hands-on Water Drainage and Underground Water Contamination

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Sarantos Oikonomidis, Nikolaos Voudoukis and George Kalkanis


Hands-on Activities with LEDs and Light

Nikolaos Voudoukis, Sarantos Oikonomidis and George Kalkanis


Four Hands-on Activities Obeying the Inverse Square Law

Sarantos Oikonomidis, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, , Nikolaos Voudoukis

and George Kalkanis


Estimating the Absolute Zero through Thermal Expansion of Air

Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Sarantos Oikonomidis, Despoina Ponirou, Nikolaos Voudoukis and George Kalkanis


Studying Thermal Equilibrium Using Temperature Sensors and a Film Canister

Sarantos Oikonomidis, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos and George Kalkanis



Gravitropism Hands-on Device

Sarantos Oikonomidis, Vassilis Grigoriou, Nikos Kaponikolos, Stavroula Kanavi and George Kalkanis


The Learner as a Co-creator through Collaborative. Task-based Learning of a Hands-on Experimental Apparatus and Potential Media

Sarantos Oikonomidis, Vassilis Grigoriou, Dimitrios Sotiropoulos, Vasiliki Serepa and George Kalkanis


Hands-on spectrum lines – Introducing microscopic quantum explanations of the emitted photons to non-physics major’s students

Vassilis Dimopoulos, George Kalkanis